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Wrist Group A/S is owned by Altor Fund II.

Wrist Group A/S includes a wide range of companies servicing the shipping industry worldwide.

These services include:

  • Bunkering - Trading and Physical Supply
  • Bunkering - Fixed Price
  • General Ship Supply
  • Catering
  • Bulk Trading
  • Marine Logistics 
  • Agency
  • Chartering - Dry Cargo and Tanker
  • Logistics - Air/Container Freight etc.
  • Ship Management

Ask our sales team as to how the Wrist Group can assist your company.

These are the companies in the Wrist Group

Wrist Group A/S
Stigsborgvej 60
DK-9400 Noerresundby

Phone: +45 99 318 230
Fax:     +45 98 167 277


Company registration no.: 25786823

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